Stockist - FAQ

Q. Why should we stock Lars Larsen watches?


A. It's very simple, your customers will love the clean, minimalistic Scandinavian designs, the quality of the watches and the surprisingly sensible prices.



Q. What support will you give my business?


A.  We are a small distributor here in the UK, so offer a personalised service to our stockists. We can train staff either face to face or via Skype. We have a good online presence on social media platforms with over 5K loyal brand fans and are always happy to carry out joint competitons with our stockists. Plus of course, should you wish to do some local advertising, we can discuss co-operation.


Q. What happens if something goes wrong with one of the watches?


A. Lars Larsen watches have a three year international guarantee. Should any of our watches misbehave, we have an in-house horologist who can sort out any problems and our turn around time is usually within seven to ten working days.



Q. Do you have different straps or bracelets for the watches that my customer can buy?


A. Most certainly, one of the great selling points of a Lars Larsen watch is that you can change over straps to bracelets or NATO straps. You can view the different styles here.



Q. Do you have a minimum order if I want to become a Lars Larsen Stockist?


A. Well, yes. There isn't much point in taking only seven to ten styles as that won't create a 'splash' in your window to attract customers. We usually recomend a minimum of twenty to twenty five pieces.



Q. Do you have nice stands and marketing material plus POS for my shop?


A. Yes we most certainly do. Our watch stands and displays are white and/or perspex. We have plenty of beautiful catalogues and paper media for your displays and cabinets.



Q. Ok, I want to be a Lars Larsen stockist in the UK, what do I need to do?


A. Thank you....Please feel free to call Claire Perkins (Brand Director) on 020 8953 2632 or email her The whole process is pretty quick and you should have your Lars Larsen watches proudly displayed in your shop window within ten days to two weeks.